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Donations To Breathofair

We are sorry, but we are not currently accepting donations at present as we are sorting the site and applications. But we hope to be acepting them shortly.

If you require the unlock code for breathofair applications and can't wait until we are excepting donations then please email .

As part of the license for Breathofair T.V Guide and other applications, you are required to leave Powered By
Breathofair links in place. I believe that this is a small price to pay for the many months of ongoing time that have gone into the development and support of the T.V Guide.

However, many people have asked if they can remove these links for various reasons so
I am asking for a small donation of any amount you like to help me cover some of the costs
involved in the many 1,000's of hours of ongoing development, support, and distribution
of this and other free applications and services from Breathofair.

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