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Breathofair Login Manager V1 B5 - Released 28 August 2005  
Breathofair Login Manager is great for everyone. This FREE Login application was made as there wasn't many, if any FREE Login systems of this quality and customisable. This Login Manager is fast, reliable, and very easy to customize.  
Main Features Demo / Download
This Login Manager has some great features : -

  • 6 Login styles
    1 & 4 Username & Password
    2 & 5 Username & Pin Number
    3 & 6 Username, Password & Pin Number

    Styles 4,5,6 are processed in a different way, they process the username and then ask for your Password AND/OR Pin Number and then process all of it including the username again.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Skinable
  • Multi E-mail Components Supported
  • Easy To Integrate Into Your Site
  • Unlimated User Groups
    • Online Admin Area
    • Unlimited Admins
    • Fast
    • Password/Pin Number/Secrect Answer Encryption
    • Email address validation
      - Validate with a link in an email
      - Validate with a code sent via email
    • Secret Question feature
    • Random Password/Pin Number

    there are many more i haven't mentioned

    Download Breathofair TV GuideDownload Breathofair Login Manager

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