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Breathofair Tv Guide Skins

Skins are zips with an altered, with the aultered skin file you will change the look of your tv guide. Here are a few skins submitted by users of the tv guide

Download Breathofair TV GuideDownload Breathofair Tv Guide

Skins - V2.75  

Screen shot
These is the default skin with the skin file, images and css(sheet)...
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If you have a skin file please send them to with a download link.

If you provide a link to your web site and/or your name/username. I will include it with the submission.

Please state the following in the pm/email:-
* = Required

Name of skin *

Description *
Username/name either *
Download url*

Web Site url
Screen shot (uploaded to the web or sent in a zip)

Download Breathofair TV GuideDownload Breathofair Tv Guide

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