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Breathofair Login Manager Server Requirements

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Server Requirements - V1 B5  

Breathofair Login manager requires web space on a web server that supports ASP 2.0 or above. Without ASP support you can NOT use this application.

Breathofair TV Guide has been tested on IIS 4 on NT4, IIS 5 on Windows 2000 and IIS 5.1 on Windows XP, but should work on any other web server supporting ASP 2 or above. This application is not designed for Unix web servers.

For the Microsoft Access version of Breathofair Login Manager you need ODBC version 4 or greater of the 'Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)' installed on the web server in order for the TV Guide to communicate with the database. You can get the latest ODBC Drivers by downloading the latest Microsoft Data Access Components. Please also note that with the Access versions of Breathofair Login Manager that you have sufficient permissions on the directory containing the Access database to write to it.

For image uploading and deleting from the application you will require ADO 2.5 minimum. This feature is available but not needed to use pictures

CDOSYS, CDONTS, JMail, AspEmail, or AspMail, component must be installed on the server in order to use the e-mail features of Breathofair Login Manager, please note that no free web hosts support e-mail facilities for Breathofair Login Manager.

Download Breathofair TV GuideDownload Breathofair Login Manager

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