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Breathofair Login Manager Full Features List

Download Breathofair TV GuideDownload Breathofair Login Manager

Full Features List - V1 B5  
  • Password/Pin Number/Secret Question Encryption (160 bit 1-way hash encryption)
  • Unlimited Users/Admins/Moderators
  • Unlimited User Groups
  • Lots group permissions (options for groups)
  • Able to turn user system off (Admin/moderator accounts still work)
  • 6 Login styles
    1 & 4 Username & Password
    2 & 5 Username & Pin Number
    3 & 6 Username, Password & Pin Number

    Styles 4,5,6 are processed in a different way, they process the username and then ask for your Password AND/OR Pin Number and then process all of it including the username again.
  • Skinable
  • E-mail Notification
    - Forgot password (e-mail to account holder)
    - Email address validation (account activation)
  • Multi E-mail Components Supported
  • Easy To Integrate Into Your Site
  • Online Admin Area
  • Fast
  • Customizable
  • Mail Certain groups
    - Default Admin Group,
    - Default moderator Group
    - General Users (the Tv Guide Users)
    - Any Groups that have been created
    - All User Accounts (Everyone)
  • Group configuration (different groups can have different Requirements)
  • Login Manager Statistics
  • Suspend registrations
  • Close for maintenance
  • Username ban word feature (ban words that you don't want in usernames)
  • Able to suspend users
  • Able to delete users that haven't logged in within xx days
  • Check for updates (link and timer)
  • Registration rules must be agreed
many more that aren't mentioned above

Download Breathofair TV GuideDownload Breathofair Login Manager

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