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Breathofair Login Manager Documentation
Installing Breathofair Login Manager  
The following documents are to help you set up the Login Manager on your web space

Installing Breathofair Login Manager on your webspace
Installing Breathofair Login Manager on Brinkster (Free accounts only)
Administering Breathofair Login Manager
Troubleshooting and Common Errors
Adding a password to the database
Changing the password on the database passworded versions
Moving the Location and/or Renaming the Login Manager Database

Customising Breathofair Tv Guide  
The following documents are to help you customise the Tv Guide to suit your site

Installing a new Skin
Modifying or Creating Your Own Skin
Integrating the Tv Guide Into Your Web Site
Writing and installing Your Own Langauge File

Donate to Breathofair  

Many 1000's of unpaid hours have gone into developing this and the other applications available
for free from Breathofair.

If you like using this application then please help support the development and update of
this and future applications from Breathofair.

Click here to make a donation to Breathofair for this Application

The Breathofair Tv Gudie remains free and you may still use it as much as you like both
privately and commercially, the donation is only a request to help cover some of the costs involved.

For more info contact: -

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