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  Here is a selection of Sites that breathofair has thought they are using one of breathofair's applications well.

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Breathofairs Site of the month  

Applications used on YoCo
- Breathofair Login Manager
(more details)

Yoco Rated Breathofair Login Manager


About is a website dedicated to the modified cars scene. Featuring monthly 'Rides of the Month' and 'Featured Honey's', the website had a members forum but was looking to incorporate the forums' member login with member only areas of the site. BreathofAir login manager was the ideal solution due to it's ease of integration and customisation into the site. We discovered we could also give access to different parts of the site dependant on the members membership level.

Breathofair's Comment

This website has a great design, from colours to layout. It is very easy to navigate through. The login manager has been intergrated very nicely inot the website.

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